Step 26: Secure Your New Home

Crime doesn’t have a zip code. So with that being said it is always a good idea to take some added safety precautions after moving into your new home.

Extra security measures:

  1. Rekey all of your locks. You never know who could have a key to the existing locks on your new home. Have a locksmith rekey all existing exterior doors. This is a MUST especially if you do not want to go out and buy all new locks. If you have a locksmith rekey the locks then you will only have one key that opens all of the doors. At least have one deadbolt on all doors. It is highly recommended that you do this the day you move in or immediately on the day after to be on the safe side.
  2. Install an alarm system. There are several different companies to choose from that all offer specific services unique to them. Do some shopping around to see what you like best. Appointments for installation could be a week or more out so call and schedule your appointment as soon as you can. It is highly recommended that you install a security system especially if you are in a one story single family home or bottom floor condo. It is more likely that you get broken into in your first week of your new home since burglars tend to notice when people are moving in and out and target those individuals knowing that they usually don’t have security measures set up right away.
  3. If your door doesn’t have a peep hole, we suggest putting one in. A handyman can easily put one in for you.
  4. If your new home has a sliding glass door, buy a wooden dowel and put it in the track of the door as an extra precaution other than just the lock. Also if you have any patio doors a jimmy plate would be a good idea to put in place.

Things we strongly recommend but are at your discretion:

  1. Install door devils on each exterior door. These are strike reinforcement plates that prevent a door from being kicked in. If you live in a condo that has outside door access ask the HOA if you can instal a door devil on your outside door. It is an easy install that only requires a drill. Even for a single family home it would be highly recommended to have. You cannot purchase this item at your local hardware store, but rather you must order it online from door devil directly.
  2. Install metal wrap around knob reinforcer on all exterior doors. If your new home is in a condo building that does not have these, consider having the HOA install them on all exterior doors. They are highly effective and considerably inexpensive to install. You don’t need to really go as far as installing them on the main door to your unit or your single family home, but rather install them on side or basement doors that may be of particular interest to burglars.
  3. Consider having a night lock installed on your back or side doors that you do not use every day. These are also highly effective at stopping break ins. Absolutely a must have whether you are in a home or in a condo.
  4. If you have any glass on your door or have windows that are below ground level, it is recommended that you install Shatter Safe. It is a clear plastic film that goes over your windows and makes it nearly impossible to break the window. Best part about it is that you can’t even tell it’s there!
  5. Install Dusk to Dawn lights along the outside of your home, and motion detector lights above the garage and doorways. You can find these types of lights at your local hardware store like Home Depot. If you are buying in a condo you can ask the HOA to install such lights if they are not already put into place.
  6. If your new property has a window in the garage, consider putting a curtain up in the window or turning the window into frosted glass. Make it as hard to see in to your garage as possible. Consider also putting in Shatter Safe on the garage window.

It is strongly recommended that you consider doing the above items as soon as you move into your new home. Burglars are known for casing neighborhoods. They watch closely to see who is moving in and what items are being brought into the home. Securing your new home is something that should be on the top of your list of things to do as soon as you move in. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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