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Step 22: Hire Movers and Start Packing

Now that the inspection and appraisal are both completed it is safe to schedule movers and start packing! Call sooner before later to get moving estimates if that is the route you plan to take. If you are moving into a condo, check with the property management company to see if you need to reserve an elevator, pay any move in fees, or have to abide by any move in restrictions.

Remember that you cannot start moving your stuff into your new home until after closing and you have the keys. Since we will not know the exact time of closing until days before, try and plan your timing to be pushed out a little later in the afternoon.

Moving Supplies

  • Start collecting any boxes and packing supplies you will need. You can often find free boxes from local businesses around town, or by asking your friends. If you would rather purchases boxes, many home improvement stores or storage sites have them available for purchase.


  • Moving day can be extremely stressful for pets. If possible, arrange for them to stay with a friend or a daycare that you are comfortable with while you move and settle into your new place.

Now it is just a matter of counting down the days until you move into your new home!

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