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Step 17: Review Supplementery Documents

Now that you have found the home of your dreams you will want to make sure that you review some important documents that come along with your property. One of them being the preliminary title report. In this report you will have the opportunity to review matters that affect your property such as liens, encumbrances, or any restrictions that will restrict your use of the property. The report will also make you aware of what matters will be excluded from coverage under your title insurance policy.

Shortly after escrow is opened on the property is when the process to start the report will be put together. The most important subject that you will want to inquire about on the report is primarily your ownership rights. This means you will want to review any claims, restrictions or interests of other people involving the property. We will go over this report with you in detail when the time comes, especially if there are any issues that are brought to our attention.

Other documents that you will want to review at this time will be any HOA documents pertaining to the property. This could be if you are buying a condo or a single family home that is in a neighborhood with a HOA. These documents generally include regulations and bylaws for the neighborhood. As a potential owner, you want to be aware of any pet restrictions or of any other restrictions regarding parking, yard maintenance, over all appearance of the property etc. Also this would be a good time to review how much the HOA’s will cost you monthly. Residents must adhere to the HOA guidelines otherwise there could be potential consequences to the homeowner that is not abiding by the rules.

We as your agent will make you aware of any other documents that pertain to this property that will need to be reviewed by you the buyer before you make your final decision on moving completely forward with purchase.

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