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Step 14: Schedule the Septic Inspection

At this point it may seem like you as the buyer need a lot of inspections done, but it’s all for your protection. If the home you are under contract with is on septic, it is important that you have a septic inspection completed. What is a septic system? A septic system stores, treats, and disposes of anything you flush and wash down the drain. There are many different types of systems, some more complex than others. Regardless, it is important to keep these systems maintained to reduce the health risks associated with untreated sewage and to also to minimize risk of contaminating the groundwater and surface water.

It is recommended to get a septic inspection because tanks can leak or become infested with roots that can cause it to crack and leak, no matter what the age of the septic system is. Depending on the severity of the issues that could arise with the inspection, repairs could be anywhere from $6000-$12,000 or even up to $25,000. This is not something that you as a brand new homeowner would want to have to pay after you have already purchased your home. Better to be on the safe side and have the inspection done so you are aware of the issues and can ask for the seller to make the repairs.

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