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Step 11: Schedule the Home Inspection

Now that you have reached Mutual, schedule the home inspection ASAP! In the busy months inspectors can be booked out pretty far, so it is important to try and schedule an appointment from the moment mutual is reached. If your contract calls for a shorter inspection period than 10 days, timing is even more crucial. Like mentioned before, you can call the inspectors or we can handle it for you.

It can take anywhere from 1-2 days for the inspector to write the report after the inspection has taken place. Once we receive the report we will want to go over it thoroughly so we can prepare to ask the seller for any repairs or concessions. Once we respond with what we would like done, the seller then has 5 days to respond back to us with what they are willing to do.

As your agent we will be there for the home inspection when it takes place. You do not have to attend, but you can if you would like to learn a little bit more about the home itself. Like mentioned before, we can refer a list of home inspectors to you if you do not know any.

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